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Minipc For Onboard ARC On Robot

Found this minipc offer instead of using RPI or Rockpi. 


with coupon and offer code you can get 16GB, 512GB for just 200!

Ordered for my next serious robot build!


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@DJ, that looks like a nice mini PC. I currently using a Rock Pi X and like it but had a few downfalls for me. Namely a slow boot into windows, no onboard battery to keep the bios time and would not boot into windows at power on. I also had to buy a case for it that doubled as a heatsink. I overcame all these issues except the slow windows boot. 

This Beelink Mini you point too seems like a nice choice. However, some thoughts, and questions:
*Am I right that I only see 2 USB ports? Not a deal killer as someone could add a USB hub but that takes up space.
*I like that it comes preloaded with Windows 11 (as I read in the description) and is in it's own case.
*I like that you can order it with more memory. 
*It also looks a bit bigger then the Rock Pi in it's case. That could be a bit of an issue trying to get it to fit into small places. 
*I know you have used the Rock Pi x, Have you found that the boot time into Windows in any faster then when using a Rock Pi X? The Rock Pi takes about 2.5 minuets for me. 
*I really haven't compared the specs to the Rock Pi x but I'm assuming the Beelink is more powerful?