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Major Bubble Lifter Upgrade To My Lost In Space B9 Robot

Hi everyone! I’ve completed a major upgrade to my Bubble Lifter in my B9 Robot. This is a whole new design and concept from my old bubble lifter. The old way was a fork design operated by a very expensive super HD servo. Once power was shut down it would leak down under the weight of the bubble. Also it was kind of jerky and the servo was getting weak to the point I had to install a spring assist just to make it work. Here's a couple pics of that old design:
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I hated to see that old lifter go but it just didn't hold up to expectations. 

This new design is very smooth and powerful. I use a DC worm gear motor to power the lift with an offset cam design to to move the platform up and down. An added bonus is that the worm gear motor will stay in position when powered down!

Here's a vid of my new design. Enjoy the video and feel free to comment. Happy Building!


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Man Dave, that worm gear is smooth, and really quiet.  And none of this was CNC'd?  Your skills are intimidating, my friend.  And I'll admit, I've never heard of a linear pot, that's a new one on me.  If I ever build a B9, I'll just hire a small, cigar smoking man to sit inside.xD
Good work!
Thanks Mac! I appreacheate the kind words. LOL on the little man. That's what they had in the real B9 Robot on the show.
Dave,  the inside of your B9 is so clean looks like looks like you have a complete machine shop.  You truly do some amazing stuff!
I would like to comment here but my wife has informed me that I am not allowed to have any more man crushes.

I will simply state, beep, bop, boop
Yeah Dave, Billy Mumy tells a story of he and Mark Goddard going on lunch break and intentionally leaving the guy inside the robot as a practical joke.  When they came back, they saw smoke coming out of the robot!  When they opened it up, they found him sitting inside reading the newspaper and smoking a cigar, lol.

You do such amazing work.  Your B9 should go on tour or something.  LIS conventions maybe?
@Alan, That's very nice of you to say. It means a lot coming from a pro like you. Thanks.

@smiller29, I've done most of my work in a small shop in my basement back in Wisconsin before I moved down south.  Most everything was done by hand with a drill press, bandsaw and hand files. Now that I'm in a smaller home in Florida I manly work in the garage or in the house like an extra bedroom or the game room when it get's too hot outside. Thanks for noticing my neatness phobia. LOL. I know most of the stuff inside the robot will never been seen by most but I know what it look like in there. I get a rush out of clean, smooth and even building. I also have a part of my brain that say's "what about the next guy that takes this apart when I'm gone?" I want them to say "this guy knew how to build a clean machine. He even payed attention to small details like smooth metal edges". LOL, I know right? I'm kinda self involved. 

@Perry_S, LOL man, I understand. I've had many man crushed over the years. I get it. You in turn have my respect with the talents and understanding of robotics you have shown. So right back at you my friend. 

@Mac, I've heard that story a fre times in the past from a number of cast members. The guy in the robot suit, Bob May, would tell it at the conventions he attended. Sadly both he and the Robot's voice actor, Dick Tufeld have left us. Here's a fun fact; Dick Tufeld did the voice of Kellogg Corn Flake's Tony the Tiger in the TV commercials back in the day. 

Thanks again everyone who is enjoying my video. More to come! Happy building!!
Most windshield motors that Ive looked into have very loud gearing?
That motor sure seems to be quiet.
Do you happen to have a link to it, for possible future needs?

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Great Bubble Lifter Upgrade, Dave 

You are the B9 specialist