DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver

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I advise this controller be best used in conjunction with an Arduino. This controller requires steps to be initiated at a specified frequency. Those steps could be done by a robot skill using the DIGITAL.set() command. But it would be a waste of resource. 

however, if that’s the controller you wish to use and no combine it with an Arduino, then simply write the JavaScript in a script to set the digital port on and off to trigger the input of that device. 

It doesn’t need a robot skill because it just connects to a digital port like flashing an led would
What do you recommend DJ? What would be the best way do connect the arduino to my onboard ARC PC? Using DJ's Standard UNO v1 Firmware?
Hmmm depends what you want to use the stepper motor for. Is it for servo-like motors or wheeled movement?
It would be servo-like, to move arm joints or head movement. I am taking a lock at the arduino code from the firmware and see what i can do.
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remember that as a stepper motor, you’d need to calibrate it each time you start the robot. And you’ll need some sort of limiting switch so it doesn’t run away. There’s no feedback on a stepper motor 

I think if I were you. I’d make a version of the arduino ezb firmware where the servo commands are replaced with pulsing the stepper motor. Then it would be a specific for that controller 

you need two digital ports per each of those stepper controllers. And then you’d need one port for each controller for calibrating the limit switch