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Darth Jader

Darth Jader
AuthorDJ Sures
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This Darth Jader is a modified JD. The plastic brackets were painted black and the head requires manual modification to fit the camera, RGB Eyes and neck servos. Get out your hot glue gun:)

User-inserted image

is it possible that the black color doesn let led chine thru?
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mouth ledĀ 

another mod.i was thinking what if a servo burns out.when the head is glued you cant change the servo.
so i cutt out some more and now you can change the servo cause you can reach the wire seen here in blue line
also cut out behind the eyes so you can better make the space for the rgb.
Very cool Nomad, I wish I had a 3d printer it would save a lot of time when I can just make my parts instead of salvaging parts from old robots and any *strawberry* lying around or buying from the store.
monoprize mini v3

hi robo rad

there are some cheap 3d printers on ebay.i use same one.also cheap filament .
the darth jader head .you can use it now for looking for to be able,
the possebility to open the head incase for repairing the camera orso.
you can print 120x120 with the you have any projects for printing?
Hey Nomad I will let you know if I ever need a special part to be made
. I always find what I need at my hardware store,electrical or even go to the plumbing section to look for special hoses or anything that I can modify to the robot.
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blanc chest

here the result darth can paint the letters.there is also a blanc stl availeble.
wher you can ad your own letters.
I'm enjoying watching your progress. Keep up the good work. You're inspiring me to get into 3d printing.
hi daveĀ 

thanks for telling.i like playing with tinkercad.hehe
hi dj

do you have a link for me from the filament you use for the darth jader head?
did you modified the board from rgb? i cant get it in the head compleet.left som 7MM .

thank you
User-inserted image a few houres little bit off cleaning up the print.
then painting the head.tape off the eyes,and there is darth jader.

User-inserted image

ok the stl's are fully reddy to make the thing you have to do is to mod the rgb a little.
as seen in the pic vijl off some 2 mm off the word ez painting.also use only the HDD servo,
it you are using the talk servo.for painting you have to tape off the eyes out and inside off the head.
then primer and black paint.
User-inserted image

darth jader is reddy.head is drying.hands are gold color with glitters in.
now his cape.and painting the letters on his chest.

part 3 darth jader head reddy.the 3 dots on his mouth are white rivets from robotis,
in a smal black spacer.glued on.
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User-inserted image

dummy hip part

i made a dummy hip part for any jd robot.the 3 white top on the mouth are little spacers with white rivets from robotis.
Nomad, He moves real nice. I love the light effects against the black robot.
hi dave

jader turn out very wel.i am very happy with the result.
also the dummy hip part is cool.