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Darth Jader

Darth Jader
AuthorDJ Sures
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This Darth Jader is a modified JD. The plastic brackets were painted black and the head requires manual modification to fit the camera, RGB Eyes and neck servos. Get out your hot glue gun:)

User-inserted image

blanc chest

here the result darth can paint the letters.there is also a blanc stl availeble.
wher you can ad your own letters.
I'm enjoying watching your progress. Keep up the good work. You're inspiring me to get into 3d printing.
hi daveĀ 

thanks for telling.i like playing with tinkercad.hehe
hi dj

do you have a link for me from the filament you use for the darth jader head?
did you modified the board from rgb? i cant get it in the head compleet.left som 7MM .

thank you
User-inserted image a few houres little bit off cleaning up the print.
then painting the head.tape off the eyes,and there is darth jader.