Humanoid Body

Humanoid Body

The Humanoid Body is a stable robot platform to begin building your own robot. It has enough internal space to house the EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller brain, one LiPo Battery 7.4VDC 1300mAh and two included Heavy Duty Servos. This torso will be able to lift objects with ease with its rotating shoulder joints. Plus it includes three female Clip'n'play connectors on the bottom to add legs, one female connector on the top to add a head and another on the chest.

EZ-Robot Inc
Date Added
Bodies - EZB v4
Author's 3D Printer
MakerBot Replicator 2
3D Printer Layer Height
3D Printer Shell Count
3D Printer Infill
Estimated Print Time
4.0 hours
3D Printer Material

STL Files

STL File
P4 A-01.STL

File Size 1,222,384 Bytes

STL File
P5 A-01.STL

File Size 1,020,084 Bytes

STL File
P6 A-01.STL

File Size 662,784 Bytes

STL File
P6 A-01.STL

File Size 662,784 Bytes


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P6 A-01.STL is a very weak part, would it be possible to save an editable file like .step  for example where each piece could be modified please

#2   — Edited

Contact ezrobot at for support of their opensource product designs. I don’t think they’ll check for the comment on here. They can probably send you a solid works design file


@DandenongIT  If you are finding that part weak then print with a stronger filament PLA is not the best for stress. print with ABS or PET-G filament.  if you want indestructable. then go for Nylon carbon graphite fill, don't use plain nylon as it warps and shrinks. you will have to run the part over by a car to break the carbon graphite filled nylon filament.