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K-9 project MK2

K-9 project MK2
AuthorSteve G
CreatedDecember 3 2014
Last updatedFebruary 3 2015

This is an ongoing project for K-9 2.0 which revolves around the pandorabot control and mobile control for use with an iPhone. some of the scripts and controls include...

RSS News, weather and traffic report feeds.

. Pandorabot control which is connected to a bot I created which includes ControlCommand()s inbedded within the

AIML bot code. I use this as the voice recognition control.

. Personality generator which contains jokes and random facts with ControlCommand()s fors servo movements.


RGB animators to show K-9's emotions.

. Soundboard that includes various sound effects

. Script manager which contains all the major control scripts which K-9 uses for movements and functions.


Mobile control which I use with an iPhone using a screen mirror remote to connect the iPhone to the PC and execute functions.


Custom Movement Panel which is connected to a 10 amp H-Bridge.

More controls and scripts will be added over time such as camera control and scripts which will hopefully control smoke ant external tempreture sensors.

*Note. Everybody is welcome to use anything in this project, but adjustment will probably need to be made, such as servo values, to suit your robot's needs.