New Dynamixel Servo Feature

Reading dynamixel servo position teaser. The update this week will include the ability to read positions from bi-directional servos, including Robotis Dynamixel.

There's also a new ez-script command to read any supported servo position for your custom programs as well!

Here's a video where I demonstrate the new capability with the Auto Position behavior control. I'll move the servos by hand and save the position to new frames. After adding the frames to an action, they can be played back with your custom settings.


I combined a dynamixel cable with an extension cable

All you need is the RX and TX of the EZ-B to connect to the signal wire of the Dynamixel. I cut the end off the extension cable and soldered the WHITE wire to the WHITE wire of the dynamixel cable. And i connected them to the EZ-B on port D5 and D6
Hello DJ, can you make me one and I will pay for it because I have vision problems on soldering please. I will pay for what ever I need to continue with my project ok thank you.
Good morning DJ, so I'm looking at another connection in port6 with 1 wire attached to to extension wire, and which that wire is in port5. That's it because I've other Dynamixel servos I need to plug in?
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Hey Jersey - I can't make the cable for you but someone else may be able to help on here if they see this thread. 

To answer your question, the 1 wire attached to the extension wire is port 5 and the other is port 6

On the EZ-B v4, Port 5 is TX and Port 6 is RX. They should be connected together for the dynamixel. Because the dynamixel sends and receives using 1 wire. So they have to be connected together on the EZ-B v4 for the dynamixel to read/write servo positions
Sorry to be a pain sir, but I appreciate it.