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Connecting A 2.4Ghz Rs232 Transmitter To The Ez-B ?

Hello EZ-robot guys!

Is it possible to connect this 2.4Ghz RS232 DSM2 transmitter to the EZ-B board ? :

And via these 2 transmitting modules, control one of these 2.4Ghz DSM2 receiver/servo controllers:

All this, is for 2 reasons:
1.My application is a flying one, and can have only extra light weight on it as controller/reciecver for the servos.
2.Using the EZ-B software script and pad/mouse peripheral inputs recording, can make the programming of the servo movements easier relative to an arduino code.

Is it possible?



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United Kingdom
Hi anything is possible however these devices seem to require a serial bitstream which the documentation on the DELTang site says is for serial mode

"The required serial payload is 16 bytes RS-232 at 115200 baud, 8 bit, no parity, at
least 1 stop bit, LSB first. It is expected every 22ms but timing is not critical"

They are low range units in the same frequency spectrum as Bluetooth 2.4ghz and they might actually be Bluetooth based as the Tx & Rx require binding?

I think we need to know more about your application as I'm guessing you want to remotely control some servos from an EZ-B board and not just replace the current Bluetooth data link?
URL added for DelTang here
That is true!
I want to control a bunch of servos that are mounted on my copter!
Are the EZ-B hardware and software enabled for integration of such a "satellite" transmitter?

United Kingdom
The short answer is no I'm afraid the EZ-B is not designed to work that way as such

If there was a TX could take as its input individual servo signals and combine them into one RF carrier then at the RX split them out to the servos then that should work?
Perhaps raise the question on an RC forum to get a more informed view before you spend any money or someone on here can comment if they have any other ideas on this

Perhaps get a bigger 'copter that can carry the EZ-B:)