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Hong Kong
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Resolved Resolved by ptp!

Errors Generated In Debugging

Hello! All the smart and friendly people in the forum.

I have encountered two errors while debugging the SDK tutorials, and I am looking for help here.:D

First of all, I have read the README - INSTALLATION!.txt.
Then I loaded Robot - Remote controll project and (according to my understanding) did whatever the readme file told me to do.

There were two problems occuring after I clicked the "start debugging" button:

The type or namespace name 'EZB_Connect' does not exist in the namespace 'EZ_B' (are you missing an assembly reference?)


No overload for 'Worker_OnLog' matches delegate 'EZB.OnLogHandler' Robot - Remote Control

For the first error, I have searched through EZ_B.dll, and I was pretty sure that I didn't see any file named 'EZB_Connect'.

Can anyone help me with these two errors?

Thanks a lot!


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The project "Robot - Remote control" source code is old and some API methods have been deprecated/removed and replaced by new ones and/or other methods have different signatures (more parameters).

What kind of features/hardware you want to test, i have done a few examples before, i can try to "cook" something to help you test the SDK.

Do you own a Revolution robot or/and what kind of hardware you want to use the sdk ?
Hong Kong

Thanks a lot.

It seems that all the projects named "tutorial" just work right. :)

That's very nice of you. What I am doing is just trying to understand the ez-robot's control so that I can create my own ezb project by programming the SDK.

Sorry for my poor programming skills. I might ask more questions about the SDK in the near future.:D

Thanks again.