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Missing Microphone Bug...

Hello, I spent the better part of the day trying to figure out why ARC and the projects in the EZ-B SDK would not recognize any of my video sources. I assumed it was being caused by the EZ-B.dll as other projects I've created are able to see the devices. Since I couldn't debug the EZ-B.dll (sure wish I could!) I Ultimately downloaded the DirectX.Capture package and stepped through the code. Turns out that DirectX.Capture assumes a microphone will be present and throws an exception when one isn't found - the EZ-B.dll just returns null for the list of devices...

Can you update the EZ-B.dll so that a microphone is optional when enumerating/opening video devices? I have a number of development boxes and not all of them are equipped with a mic. Thank you...


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Oh wow! that's interesting. I will take a look today. I have a new release with an adjustable movement control delay for color tracking also. I'll throw this in the mix:)


Fixed in EZ-SDK v2011.05.27.00



Awesome! After I wrote that I realized you've probably been using a laptop and have always had a mic present. I also found out that plugging a cable into the mic port (sans actual mic) was good enough to get past the detection routine on my machine. Thanks for the fast fix - very much appreciated!


Any time Rad!

You'll like the next release i imagine:D ... I am on vacation so the development is a little slower than normal. I just finished (needs to be tested now) a version of ARC that allows Scripts to interact with Controls.

You can assign a button or a voice command to "Enable Color Tracking". Or you can assign a button to "Execute a script", etc...


I'm excited!


Sweet! That should open up a lot of possibilities. I wonder if it will help with my current project - integrating an OIC Storm Missile Launcher with a robot, using the launcher's built-in webcam for motion/face tracking and the launcher itself for search and destroy goodness. I put together a quick program to control the launcher with a joystick and I'm using the Accord.NET framework for motion/face tracking. Now I need to get everything working together with the EZ-B so it can operate autonomously...


Ha! That is awesome!!!

I'd love to see a video of your project in action. What a great idea! People usually mention building something similar, but I have yet to see one completed. Congrats!

ARC has some interesting flexibility for sure. However, nothing beats writing your own app with the EZ-SDK (for customized awesomeness).

I was hoping to run a final test through ARC tonight for the release, but other things came up (vacationing in .... Hmm, where am I again? Morro Bay, that's right!)

so hopefully tomorrow. I think I'll be in Santa Barbara. Maybe I'll have PC time to run through some tests and post the new installer for download:)


I'll certainly post some video action when I have something video-worthy on that project. In the meantime here are a few pics of one of the WALL-E robots I've been working on: Big WALL-E