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EZ-B + EZ-Batteries

After extensively researching the latest battery technologies and eventually accepting economic realty, I came up with three right-sized and right-priced battery packs for my various EZ-B projects. Introducing:

EZ-Battery SLIM : 7.4V 2000mAh | Li-Ion Polymer | 65mm x 51mm x 13mm | 2.8 Oz

EZ-Battery CHUNKY : 7.4V 3000mAh | Li-Ion Polymer | 67mm x 37mm x 30mm | 4.2 Oz

EZ-Battery PUDDIN' : 7.4V 8.0Ah | LiMnNi | 114mm x 30mm x 75mm | 0.9 Lb

These are simply Powerizer battery packs I altered by soldering on my own barrel connectors and wrapping with vinyl tape. Little WALL-E and Scorponic use the SLIM, Big WALL-E the CHUNKY and Vanilla Ice gets the PUDDIN'. It took a long time to find the right battery for the Omnibot project - the PUDDIN' fits perfectly in his battery compartment and at 8.0Ah it's not too shabby...

The EZ-Battery Line-up

User-inserted image


User-inserted image

EZ-Bs All Around

User-inserted image

Praise the Mother!

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That is actually pretty cool:D

You should sell them, they look really nice!
I agree! You should sell these:)