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Support For Nxtsumoeyes...


How difficult would it be to get this Dual Range Triple Zone Infrared Obstacle Detector to work with the EZ-B/EZ-Builder?

This little guy seems perfect for tunable object detection/avoidance. Would love to use it on the Little WALL-E project...


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According to it's library, it seems to be using ADC.. So it would be very easy. I could make a 3 point radar control that would include the obsticle avoidance. Should be pretty straight forward.

If you get one let me know and i'll whip up a control for ya
Sweet! Just ordered one today. Would greatly appreciate if you could create a control for it...
Hey DJ, wanted to send you something. Can you email me your mailing address or can I send it to you at Solarbotics?
I'll send you my address:) ... Better not explode!
It won't explode... promise!