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Anyone Exprencing Ez Community Email Notification Hangups?

Just wondering if anyone else here is experiencing this issue. As of the last week every notification I receive my email will hang up looking for an \\vi*********

I run my own Exchange 2007 server and find no issues with any other emails or my clients. Happening in Outlook 2010.

It appears that bringing the notification emails for forum responses in HTML that EZ-Robot is referencing an unknown/unavailable YouTube image or identifier?

This only happens with EZ-Robot emails and hangs outlook for several minutes.

Are you folks trying out a new tracking feature possibly. For the time being I have to stop receiving your emails until I figure this out.


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I've not experiences any issues but to be honest I don't often read the emails in outlook (get thunderbird, it's a much nicer email client).

They do hold "hot topics" and "news" videos so that could be the source of the issues for you. These change as the forum changes, if a video in the list is not giving a thumbnail, i.e. someone mis-posted a video link, then it may be the cause, this will probably go away when the video is removed from the latest posts.


In outlook, I have it set to not automatically download images for just this type of (well, this and others) reason. (although I don't use Outlook for my personal mail where EZ-B mail goes, I just use Gmail web client for that).

In options, go to the trust center and you can manage how emails containing images are handled.

User-inserted image




Unfortunately I handle large corporate clients so I have to run the same or similar software they do. I do agree that Thunderbird is much nicer.

That is a good take on the issue. MS Forums say the cure to this problem is to upgrade to Outlook 2013, typical Microsoft. Unfortunately I still deal with large energy & health" companies that are running unbelievably old Microsoft OS' and servers even if Microsoft support is long over or soon ending. Just the nature of their beast.

Anyway it is just happening with EZ-Robot forums but your take on a user post is intriguing and one I had not considered.

I appreciate the professional insight



I never allow images to be downloaded automatically due to bad experiences with that. Even with that done the emails still hang.

Excellent thought though


Can someone confirm whether this is an outlook problem or an ezrobot email problem?

Can anyone show specifically what causes an error with as much detail as possible?

A screenshot usually helps.



I think I have fixed it, so once the emails get updated, hopefully you will be able to load our emails in outlook again.



Thanks, something else I noticed. I disabled the "receive notices" in my account earlier this morning but am still receiving them?



just received an email about completing a lesson and a experiencing he same issue

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The emails your still getting since unsubscribing should stop coming soon, unless it's a "Require Assistance" thread you have created, or a "Lesson Complete" email. They will still be received I believe. What your still getting is basically what's left in the queue to previous threads you've responded to.:)


@Steve G

Understood, Thank you


I updated the production server with chrissi's changes - see if they solve your issue:)


@DJ & Chrissi I have had the one notifying me of your post come in fine. No more hangups. It appears to be fixed Thank you for the usual fast support