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Intro - David In Arkansas

Hi, I'm David in Arkansas.
I've been following the EZ-Robot project with great interest. Real Wall-e is the coolest thing ever btw!
I hope to build a telepresence bot with EZ-B someday, but my ultimate goal will be to have EZ-B help me drive my wheelchair. I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and even the most sensitive joystick has become a chore to drive just around the house. Software has always been the stumbling block for me & robotics projects, thx DJ for solving that problem for us all!

Anyway, I imagine driving with my trackball, having distance sensors all around to avoid hitting stuff, trans-versing my house by following a line on the floor, and getting around public places by following an orange circle or glyph on someones back.
EZ-B controlling the chair will involve servos on the 2nd joystick/controls, though I do know what potentiometers my joystick uses if digital potentiometer support ever came about.


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@ndavid79 wow i love stories like this! David, super nice to meet you. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with:)

Following the glyph would be a fantastic idea when you're going out wiht your friends. Dont' get too lazy though and fall asleep HAHA. eyes on the road!

Would the speech recognition work well for you also?