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Weird Question

I'm selling my MacBook Pro today and I was hoping to order a robot, is there any chance I could make an interac email money transfer? Rather than find someone with a credit card because that's complicated?

Sorry for being weird about it:)


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EZ-Robots accepts Paypal as a payment method. For anything other than paypal or credit card, I suggest using the "contact us" link to ask EZ Robot staff directly rather than on the forum.

You can transfer funds from a bank , checking account or any credit card to PayPal. It takes 2 to 3 days then use PayPal to make your purchase.personally if I were you I would do everything I could to pay with PayPal because when they are fulfill orders they try their best to fill them first come first serve which I imagine is going to be based on your order number. Just a tip:)
Thanks for the hint:)

They did end up saying I could do it the way I'd've preferred - so as soon as money clears at the bank (the understanding is Saturday morning) I'll be buying a Revolution bot:)