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Another Piece Of Code.

Awhile ago I said I would try to get the SDK to be able to google stuff via voice command, someone said that would be great so here it is! I don't have a mic to currently use but I've coded a one-button hard-coded search for a 'concept' to prove it's doable.

As a note I'll move further examples of random things I come up with into the C# forum. I wanted to put this here for the member who said he wanted to google stuff:)

I hacked the Tutorial 12 further (I don't know how to use the designer in C# so I just deleted some stuff, left one button and showed the 'log' textbox).

Relevant code:


Thanks @Rich it's prettier this way anyhow:)

It takes an awfully long time though, and I just hard coded it to show the top 4 results.



and attached is the reference dll required for the JSON stuff.

Might want this:



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