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Curious. . .

Does the software have a simulator? I'd love to start coding pronto, even before I place / receive my order. Anyone know? I think that'd be super cool.

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Upgrade to ARC Pro

Synthiam ARC Pro is a new tool that will help unleash your creativity with programming robots in just seconds!


Also just had a thought, I'm going to code Google Voice integration for making calls via robot if/when I want to - and texting too. This is gonna be so much fun!


What would be even better than VOIP integration would be if I could code + design + print a bit that accepts a SIM card on 3g. . thoughts? Also I'm going to code bots to play against me in chess, I'll integrate it with an online chess site probably. And if I have more than a few bots I'll actually have them run a process continually where they play chess with each other. I actually just posted an ad trying to sell my MacBook Pro so I can get a few bots ordered!


How good are the cameras at at pattern recognition? I wonder if I can code a bot to deal texas hold'em. . .


facebook graph api integration, google contacts + google calendar integration. 'Hey robots, what am I doing next week?'


Hello @jrsfiend22 i see that you're new here, Welcome to the forums!

To answer your first question, you are able to download both ARC and EZ-SDK free of charge and you can start playing with them right away! Check out our Download section.

Sounds like you've got some cool plans for your robots, I look forward to seeing your ideas come to life!


Thanks kindly! I was half sure the downloads were free, but I didn't know really because you can 3d print your own parts so I thought the sale was more concerned with the software - it's great I get to start coding quickly!

I actually did find a buyer for my MacBook Pro (the only thing I own of value) so I'm likely putting in an order for a hexapod and a humanoid tomorrow. I'm very excited.

@skater_j10 I can't sleep I don't think so I'll get that software downloaded on my Windows boot partition and start playing around:)



Well, ARC is fun.

With the SDK and C# in VS2012 most of the projects error out on start, getting:

Could not load file or assembly 'EZ_B, Version=2013.1.29.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c3a3457c97d352d9' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

and I've checked, I'm set to run x86 and I've copied all the dlls into the bin/debug folder. Any thoughts or should I start a thread in C#? I also added the dll as a reference.


Also, if I buy a robot or two will they come with more C# / ARC apps for me to play around with? Could I receive them immediately after my order, so I can have the best examples of cool stuff I can do? I did have a ball with speech recognition and coded responses. This is gonna be tons of fun:)


Hey! Figured it out. In VS2012 C# Express, I had to go Build -> Configuration Manager, and in there select the x86 platform. It didn't work by just selecting x86 under project settings -> Build -> Platform (x86).

Sorted, now I can play with C# stuff until exhaustion claims me:)

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The software doesn't have a simulator however if you check some of my scripts (ping roam and the introduction to scripting) I use a method to simulate sensor readings by way of random numbers. However it looks like you are going to be going down the path of using the SDK if you plan to do all of what you've mentioned.


thanks for the tip Rich! I think I can play around with the SDK. If you check another one of my threads (lol) I posted code to add an event to google calendar through voice commands because I wasn't able to sleep! I'm not sure what I'm going to try next but I'm having a ball.


Do you mean that we could ask the robot to do a Google Search or a Wiki? I have been wanting that for years.

Good to have you aboard.


That's one of the things I'm looking at. In my 'last post of the night' thread I've attached three screenr videos and three respective pieces of code for a) posting an event to google calendar b) searching by keyword from google calendar and c) searching by start-end dates for google calendar :). I plan on having my robots keep track of me and my situation and make sure I never forget an appointment again.

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The problem is, and always has been that using voice for dictation with Windows SAPI rarely works well. I have other applications which can search google, youtube, ebay, add calendar items, add things to shopping lists etc. via voice searches, sometimes they work OK but a huge majority of the time it doesn't quite get what I'm saying - and my voice profile has undergone over 2 years of daily training!.. In short, build it around dragon naturally speaking not Windows SAPI.

@Mel, check my Jarvis videos on youtube, there's one example from a few months ago of searching Google (via VC but it works along side ARC and they talk to each other), there's one of the wake up call with appointments and weather (ARC powered), I'm sure I've posted them before. and look under the Jarvis tag. Admittedly Jarvis needs to run more than just ARC for some functions but it all works and all talks to each other, ARC knows what VC and EG are doing).


But, your jarvis build is private and your own. It is not a shared program. Nothing wrong with that. I understand because you have put so much time into the programing of it. But, it would be nice to access google and wiki through the EZB. I already can access them with my program Denise from Guild3D studio. But, I have her only licensed to use in my Desktop.

thanks for the Reply.

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My Jarvis build will be freely shared once it's thoroughly tested and interacts with ARC without problems or bugs and is explained in enough detail that anyone can follow it:)

Nothing is private with me, if it will help others and lead to it being improved too (i.e. share it back again) then I'll always share everything:)


Rich, Respectfully, if you make it public maybe others can help you move it through the bata stage.