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Is There A Quick Hack To A Rad 2.0?

I just found a rad 2.0 i want to hack just want to know if it is a few wire hack or a full on for the basic system ? I have not been in there yet ( stupid job lol. taking too much of my robot time)


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United Kingdom
As far as I have seen you will need to gut it and spend some time fitting in the new parts.

One thing I remember reading was that all wires are soldered rather than on plugs which means disassembly requires cutting wires (or de-soldering them). That in mind I would say that it's not going to be a quick & easy hack.

Josh likes his RAD robots and has done a few of them, check the showcase for his work it probably gives a lot of details.
CHECK MY POSTS i have over 6 RADS and using them for different projects

Also another project in showcase is (its going to be RAD) by another member

PLUS BRET TALLENT has some RAD projects also

BUT i think best info on one is going to be rad project