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Question About Computer Size And Power

I will be buying a laptop soon , but I have an old desktop a hp 3200 32 bit I know it is not very powerful. I hook up the camera on it and ezbuilder shuts down , is this because of the 32 bit or should it run?

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No it isn't because of the 32 bit.

What are the specs on the HP3200? All I can find is a printer. Also what OS are you running? Any other programs on there? Any other hardware connected?


I am using xp I have only 1 gig of ram and yes there is A lot of harware hooked < printer ,5 .1 surround sound wireless hub and a 80 gig hard drive full of music

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Impossible to diagnose the issue without seeing the PC.

You said when you connect the camera ARC shuts down? How does it shut down? Just closes by itself? Any error messages? Is it only when you set up the camera control or when you plug in the USB dongle?


The message says that ARC has encountered a problem and will have to shut down , sorry for the inconvenence


Sorry it is as soon as I click on whe camera

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Can you give a better description of the error message? Is there an option for more details with the error message?

When you say as soon as you click on the camera, what do you mean? When you click to add a control, then camera and add the camera control?

If you intend to use this PC solely for ARC after you get your new laptop it may pay to upgrade the OS to Windows 7 Starter, it should run fine (depending on the CPU speed and number of cores etc). Using XP restricts the voice recognition (i.e. it's not supported without extra fixes). This would probably solve the other issues also. If you don't plan to be able to wipe it clean then if you give more details on the error message (a screen grab of the error message may help) and confirm I've understood when it happens I'll see if I can figure out the problem.

Just out of interest, what version .net framework is installed?


I would upgrade the memory to 3 gig or 4 gig depending on the slots you have windows xp if you are using it only see's 3 gb of memory

I had that same problem while back with a PICO design mother board its only uses 1 gb of memory and cant upgrade it

But the PICO does work great for other projects i have

It was a video processing power for mine,it was while back,when i got my first EZB and wanted touse my PICO board PX11000G ,ALSO HAVE PX10000G too,one runs at 1.2 ghz and the other at 1.O ghz

EVEN AT 1 GB of memory you internet might be slow too.

My dads computer has that problem was 2.4 ghz at 1 gb of memory when i added more 2gb of memory it worked fine,if not my dad having a problem its my 2 sisters having a problem or other in my family,always call on me to upgrade or repair thier computer,and my girlfiend too ,till i bought her a really good fast one I3 core a t 3.0 ghz , WITH WINDOWS 7,doesnt really like windows 7 but came w ith the computer

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Windows XP can see a lot more than 3Gb of memory. 32 bit can only use 3Gb of memory (although will still see it all).

1 Gb of memory is perfectly acceptable. There are robots on here which use netbooks with Windows 7 starter and 1Gb memory and have no problems.


MINE had a camera problem using 1 gig of memory,only stating i had the same exact problem like he has . when i upgrade to 4 gig of memory it fix it,memory is so super cheap and very easy to install doesnt hurt anything by not trying it.

in one computer i have if not all, i added 4gb of memory when it turn on it shows 4 gig installed and then when windows loaded it shows only 3gb of memory

like the comper i am using it has installed 4gb of memory and in my computer under properties it shows 2.96 mb of memory using a quad core 2.66 mhz with 32 bit windows xp pro

on my super fast I5 quad processor (not quad core) but 4 I5 cpu server computer wth 4 terabyte hard drives running windows 7 it shows it 32gb and i think i can add more,need to get at the manual again ,using 64 bit its just my video server with photoshop and some other high end software

so in windows 7 it shows the correct memory,but not in windows xp

i heard the most you should in install is 3gb of memory on windows xp or the rest is a waste bt some computers only have one slot ,so you have to use 4gbof memory


Thank you I think I will pick up a laptop and leave the desktop to the kids LOL


THEY going cheap now,i mostly like DELL i had them for years never doid i have to fix them,i keep changing them every few years only for higher speed,most have windows 7 now,whitch i do not like

i downgraded on i bought to windows XP PRO if other like its great i do have windows 7 pro on my server only because first i need 64 bits and lot of memory and it works great with 4 different I5 processors,and 4 monitors


I got my laptop problem solved, now i can get to building I'm very excited!