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Not Able To Connect To Wifi

After installing a new router in my home I'm finding that I can't get jd to find the internet connection. I had one message that said something along the line of , no dns server found. The robot turns on like normal and shows up on my network list , the robot makes the system noise like its connecting but then stops and an error message comes up. Any idea's out there from anyone? thanks


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The ezb doesn't use dns and has no error message about dns. The only error message would be connecting to your network, which is "I'm unable to connect to your network"

If your ezb was in client mode, meaning it was connecting to your old router, then press the reset button.

Once the reset button is pressed, the ezb will default to adhoc mode. This is the default mode inwhich you connect to the ezb directly over wifi.

These instructions are available in the learn section for the ezb. You can find them by selecting learn from the top menu and choosing your product. In this case, it's the ezb.

Here is a link to resetting the ezb:

Here's a link to setting the wifi mode:

Have fun! The learn section is super useful for everything:) the robot program covers it all.


Thanks for the reply DJ, the dns message was from the network trouble shooter. Going to reset. I wasn't sure about the reset I've never had to use that before. Thanks again for the reply )


ok been away for awhile ). I finally got around to trying to get jd working again. I did a reset, I deleted and reinstalled ezbuild program. I open program turn on jd, he makes start up sounds I select it from my wifi list, then I select the connect button in the program, it makes the start up tone on jd but nothing happens. Then a screen pops up that says something about not being able to make connection but drops out of site so fast I can't read it. I went out a bought a usb wifi adapter and installed it. I do the same start up as above it shows up in the list, I connect, I try the connect button in the program , it makes the tone but nothing, then I get the same exact pop up saying can't connect? Is it possible for the wifi part of the controller to be fried? I never had any problem in the past until I installed a new shaw router !


Hello @dpadgham

It could be a few things, have a look at this recent forum thread:

Are JD's eyes lighting up? If the eyes aren't plugged in JD can lock up when you try to connect.

If you'd like the pop-up to stay up longer so you can read it, when it comes up again check the "Always show" check box in the pop-up window at the upper left corner.


wow now that was easy the first forum about avg web protection causing problems was right on the money ) Shut that off and hooked up no problem ! Thanks a lot for the tips !