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Python Scripts For Ez-Robot


I've been searching around the site for existing Python scripts that access the EZ-Robot functions. No luck so far, although in 2011 DJ Sures said "I will be releasing a Python module shortly for EZ-B V3".

If anyone has experience integrating Python with EZ-Robot, any links would be much appreciated.


Thanks DJ. These will be useful.

I'm not really a python developer, I just code when I have to for my work.

These suggestions seem to be oriented to making wrappers for low level windows functions. Do you have any suggestions for calling the EZ-robot routines within a higher level Python script?

Let's say I have a Python script for grabbing and analysing real-time EEG data. What I would want to do is call some of the EZ-robot routines at the end of the script, to drive the robot, and maybe see what the camera is seeing. But the interface and global script would be in Python.

Thanks for help.

... possibly I could just use the ctypes Python module to grab the functionality of EZ-SDK .Net DLL

Anyone had any luck with this?