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Ez B Keeps Crashing Every Time I Give It A Command

Ez B Keeps Crashing Every Time I Give It A Command

is this because the batteries are getting weak? or is it a software issue ARC freeze everytime I ask to do something

One Of Those Days Ultrasonic Sensor Not Working

is it possible that the pin on the sensor are reversed nothing happen when radar plugged in and I have to switch the port around to not disconnect the ezb any one had that issue I thought I read about this a while back on the forum but can t remember .

Motion Sensor N Voltage Meter Led.Help

so i have a pir motion sensor that I want to install to my robot,it has a 3 wire and digital plug how do I make it work ? a little programing ? any suggestion? oh and also I have a led voltage meter(blue led) it would be cool display for now. it only has the red n black wire to connect to . help again lol?
Need Help With Led Plz

Need Help With Led Plz

how can I turn on and off the LED from my robot eyes? I have them pludged in directly to a dig port(d3) but I don t know how to make this work. they stay on all the time but...

Big Question W Camera Need Expert Solution

Hi all I had posted previously about my non working can but haven t found a solution yet Apparently it s not the can but the laptop.window 7 running on it. It won t accept the device .it comes up with a code 38 error saying there s another driver or else still in the memory can t remember the exact wording ( I had posted it before) Rich had tried...

Camera Not Working

got my kit today and was some kind of excited about it.the camera is where i have a problem everything else is perfect. i charged it or tried but the light won t stay on but 5 min if that. but worse my computer tell me that the device isn t working properly. i troubleshoot it but no success. i thought may be it was the pairing but no success after...

Hello Everybody! Old Toys Vs Dyi Robots For First?

hi every one I m new at this but can t wait to be part of the wonderful world of robotic. I ordered my kit a few days ago and can t wait for it to be here. now the question arise should I try to build my first robot from scratch or would it be better to experiment with an old toy first .I have to get the lingo and technicalities sorted. it s still...
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