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Intelligence For The Instalation Of Two Cervomoteurs In The Neck Of A Robot Omni

Hello, I present myself my name is eric I am 52 years old and I m "interresse the robot always, I Omnibot has a robot in 2000 and I want to restore amméliorer, I would like to install 2 cervomoteurs neck to make their perform a double rotation, right-left and top out there, may I not sure how to go for assembled together eye exsiste walk in double actuators that toutelle called pan / tilt which the MADE double rotations, but I do not know if they are compatible with ez BV4 robot controller? can someone there you find out about this? Nerci to cordially

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@bernard eric svp traduire ton message en un lien pour le "actuators' don't tu mentionnes..... Mo amie est francophone et pourras traduire ce que tu desires.