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Remote To Omnibot 2000

Hello everyone, I am looking for a remote control to OMNIBOT 2000, I can not seem to find one on ebay (nobody seems to sell?) I wonder if everything azard quelquin from yourself would be in perfect working order has to sell me?

              has cordially thank you



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Bernard, Est-ce que tu cherché pour un omnibot 2000 avec un parties cassé? Le omnibot ne besoin de pas dans un bonne état de marche.


hello, I can not very well understood your message because the French translation is not very good, I croi understand that you wonder why I want a remote control for a robot that is broken? in fact, I do not croi it is broken, it is for sure that I want a remote control to check if it is still functional, if sela is the case, I would make a compléte restoration, because I abandon my project ez robot, same as if I install the ez BV4 and I replaced all its servos I would be unable to make it work because I do not at all ez métrise builder, and I know nothing about programing, it would be for me the "money spent in vain. That said, you do not know quelquin that could sell me one?

             eric cordially.

Ahhh, je comprend que tu dit!

To translate better for everyone, Eric is looking for a working omnibot remote to test if his omnibot still works. If so, he will restore it and not make it an ez-robot. If someone has an omnibot remote they are willing to sell please let him know.


I remerci you for your help, it is really nice,

has very soon, cordially eric.


Did you find a remote control for the omnibot 2000? If so, I would like to know from where? Thanks!