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Does I Need A Specific Charger For Lead-Acid Batteries
i have a lead-acid battery 12v 9.0ah and i was charging it with a dc adaptor 12v 4A do i need a custom lead-acid battery charger like in lipo's or i could just charge it this way
Led Driver For Jd
what is the led driver for jd or what is the circuit used to control him pleas help
Multi Object Camera Tracking
can i use ez-builder to track multiple red objects and to report the location of each one they are not custom colors they are red
Can Any One Know If He Is Ghosted
can any one know if he is Ghosted or is it private
can ez-robot release with the ez_b-mini a mega board with more 26 servo pins for duplicating the nao robot and with still i2c support having native 2 mhz spi bus with software 14 mhz one also a 6s lipo charger that uses power directly from the wall and regulator for using it
Why There Is No Realese For A While?
why there is no realese for a while? you said April will be full of updates? where are they?
Compile To Apps
can ez-builder compile itself into a linux app without gui for robots with embedded pc's so i don't need to run windows
Bring Synthia Back
hey dj can you bring Synthia back and include it in ez-builder like an ai control and make ez-builder more intellengent when we talk to it like Synthia hope you do synthia webpage
Read Text
how can the robot read text from the camera qr codes are great but i cannot convert convert all the world text to qr codes help
How To Use Ez-Script Vars With A C# Application
how to use ez-script vars with a c# application help
Resource Control
hey dj i want to have a control to adjust the amount of ram and cpu ez_builder is allowed to use and i want ez_builder to be able to use full 32gb ram 12 core 5ghz processor so my robot could be very good
Change Email
i want to change my acount email for family reasons can i and how kudo
Speaktwitter Command Not Working
i can't get the twitter panel to work i had config it from the twitter setting but when i use the panel it reports: error:rss error fetching feed system.exception: error fetching http request the remote server returned an error(404)
Multiple Movment Panels
hey dj i want the movment panels to have board control so that i could connect 5 ez-b and control each one alone also i want to be able to select which movment panel the joystick use and the camera and the command forward() to have a parameter of which board it uses
Help With The Camera Tracking
i need to know how to make xml objects so that the camera can track
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