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also dj try to figure how siri and google now work and add them to ARC to increase ai in ez-robot inc

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Similar was discussed in my topic about Pandoras Bots, the conclusion is that it's not really feasible due to accuracy, unless using a headset mic. If dictation mode was possible in EZ-Script it could be done with Pandoras Bots, which I believe Loki uses after watching a couple of videos this weekend, the responses are the same anyway.

How accurate is your voice recognition? Open notepad and use it to type a document just by speaking and no correction, you will be surprised at how inaccurate it will be. After 2 years of training daily my voice recognition is only around 85% accurate (it was a lot less a few months ago). That isn't accurate enough for dictation, only for a set list of phrases.

You could still use a long phrase list and an EZ-Script to achieve similar. The information is all in the topic about pandoras bots.


i will a high definition mic and siri in iphone uses a normal mic and can ARC use a build in voice recognition so that it is in independent from windows like siri for iphone even pandoras bots server for speech isn't accurate enogh

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Sorry I don't follow, can you please rephrase the question?


There is a little android app that is like siri. It is called Evi. It is very nice. Maybe it could be called from EZB and used as a main menu. Siri is Amazing. But she works ONLY on Apple OS. Denise is a good chatbot that works on Windows. A few people hear did not like her, but she works really Great for me....


dear rich i saw on youtube people using google now and siri and they said that google now is faster and siri has more personality so i thought DJ Sures can compine siri with google now and Synthia to form an independent speech recognition from windows ugly like siri dos in ios or google now in android siri comes in ios 5