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Multiple Movment Panels

hey dj i want the movment panels to have board control so that i could connect 5 ez-b
and control each one alone also i want to be able to select which movment panel the joystick use and the camera and the command forward() to have a parameter of which board it uses


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Sorry, the system is not the way ARC was designed. Consider using scripts to manage your movements based on custom movement panel.
can you give me a ezb file showing an example !
the camera doesn't allow me to run a script instead of using the forward command so does the other controlles
help any help any help even a word help again help help
My recommendation is to start with the tutorials, learn the ARC software, build a robot, then move into EZ-Script commands, and then you'll be able to acheive this. It is best to learn what you are trying to do, otherwise my assistance will not help you.

Additionally, you have been banned 3 times and this is your 4th account. Beware that there is a zero tolerance towards your past rude mannerism. In the EZ-Robot community, we do not make demands. We ask.. And we have patience. Those who do not fit the EZ-Community personality are recommended to join another robot forum.
how did you know! that i have been banned
We can see by your ip address