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Why There Is No Realese For A While?

why there is no realese for a while?
you said April will be full of updates?
where are they?


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thats what makes this forum so exciting not knowing when the next update is due
its a secret
I'd ponder a guess that the Revolution is near!
United Kingdom
What do you want an update for? What would you like it to do?

There is an ARC update coming, I spotted a screenshot of the new ARC (with a few new additions in the menu) the other day. From the information that's been given recently there are some big changes to it, chances are it's still being checked out to make sure it all works and also on hold until more info on the revolution is released.

Screenshot removed:) You want it you find it;) It was in the last 2 or 3 days... ARC section I think.

So just hang in there, it's coming:)
Rich, Your such a tease. I saw that one also. Looks slick. ;)