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Resource Control

hey dj i want to have a control to adjust the amount of ram and cpu ez_builder is allowed to use and i want ez_builder to be able to use full 32gb ram 12 core 5ghz processor so my robot could be very good


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United Kingdom
ARC, or any other windows application for that matter, will only use the resources it requires. If it's available and if it's required it will be used otherwise it will sit idle waiting.

Just one question, what on earth are you planning to do that would demand 32Gb of ram and 8 cores at 5Ghz?
a very complex robot much like a human, i want ARC to be able to use the full resource
of the beast i call it and i am using it for gaming
United Kingdom
ARC won't need that much resource, you are more likely to run in to issues with flooding the communications.

you can set it for higher priority in windows if gaming at the same time.
i meen that ARC would be advanced and use alot of resource to increase the AI of my robot
i know it doesn't use a lot of resource but i need it to be bec,it will increase the AI of my robot
United Kingdom
What makes you think that?

What you are asking for is not ARC related fundamentally, it is Windows related. If your system has the resources ARC will use them as and when it needs to. Setting it to a higher priority in Windows will ensure ARC gets the required resources.

Setting it to lower priority will do the reverse, should you wish to limit the amount of resources available to it while doing other things.

ARC is extremely optimised, you shouldn't run in to problems.
thank you! i understood what i was wanting you are realy helpful
i saw a 16core 6.6ghz cpu with 64gb of ram thinking to buy
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