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how can the robot read text from the camera qr codes are great but i cannot convert convert all the world text to qr codes help


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Hello, can you please fix your grammar. I do not understand the question. Before typing, we'll need you to calmy think about your question first. Re-read your question a few times to ensure it makes sense to others. Thank you
United Kingdom
I think it should read like;
How can the robot read text from the camera? QR codes are great but I cannot convert convert all of the world's text (English language?) to qr codes. Please help.

In response, ARC cannot read printed text from the camera. Explain your application better and perhaps we may be able to think of another way to achieve it. Why would you need "all of the world's text" converted to QR Codes? Or have I misinterpreted and translated your message incorrectly?
@RichMR2, that is the most awesomest post ever:)
i am not an american i am from egypt i can't speak english well
United Kingdom
Read my reply, the part below the correction. OCR (text recognition) is not supported by ARC. If you explain why you want this we can look for alternative options.
can ez-robot detect lines and circles and squares
United Kingdom
I assume you mean ARC?

Read the tutorial for the camera control to learn what the camera control can do.

Until you say what you are trying to achieve I am unable to offer any solutions.
i need a c# application to detect text so i thought about using the c# compiler within ARC but ARC cann't read text throught cmaera
United Kingdom
It also doesn't have a C# compiler.
You will need to use EZ-SDK for that custom feature set.:)

Best of luck with your project!:)