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Ebay Wall-E Prices

So, is DJ's hack of Wall-E the reason that the U Command Wall-Es have skyrocketed in price on e-bay recently? Are we, DJ wantabes, just bidding against each other? ;) But seriously, I think the prices have gone so high lately that scratch building Wall-Es body is within reason. My only concern is how to build his tracks. Does anyone have any good ideas on scratch building the tracks?




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@LJ - check this site out
Tank Tracks
It has some really good how to stuff for making RC tank tracks. VEX also has some ready to buy stuff that is awesome.
Cool, thanks! I have seen the
Tank Tracks page before but I didn't think those tracks had the correct look for what I wanted.
You can arrange them however you want, and don't have to go with the tank look. You can make them look like Wall-e's treads. This just shows you how to make tracks.
United Kingdom
Sorry about the price hike, I have three of them now:D
Two U command and one interactive (smaller one that is good at falling over!)

The idea was to experiment with one then perfect the second. The way things are going at the mo it looks like play with one and aBay the other two.
Hey, Don't stop hacking Wall-e's and don't let the prices scare you off, the more you hack up the more mine goes up in value. It's like the old coin story, a guy bought an old coin for $100,000 dollars USD and destroyed it! why? because there were only 2 known to exist and he owned the other one...he sold his other coin for approx. 1.5 million.

KEEP HACKING:) :) :) :) :) *blush*
Last weekend one went as high as $102, that's like $40 more than I wanted to spend. Oh well!