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Animated Diorama

Has anyone considered using the EZ-B controller as a means of animating a diorama? Consider all the elaborate animation in those model railroad displays such as the one at the
Carnegie Science Center's Miniature Railroad. I believe that the EZ-B controller could bring that level of animation to the amateur railroad enthusiast. If only I had the time myself for such endeavors. Maybe when the kids get a little older.


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@LJ That's a neat idea. I have always been fascinated with large complex model train setups like that!
It would be cool but I know that you would have to create your own interface for this. The varies pwm signal you have to send change a lot and have to quickly. Its like the signals that your ir remote controls use sending various pulse widths to represent 1 and 0s. Not to mention there are different parts that break down such as address, command and so on. However I am sure you can do it using the ability of the digital pins if you set up multiple timers for how long they are on, you might have to run that into a darlington transistor to increase the signal voltage. I had a friend build a two train track with switching tracks however he used the HC12 to program it, which has more capabilities towards pwm then the EZ-B with that a lot more knowledge or signal creation. Its do able with the EZ-B though.
I wasn't really thinking in terms of replacing DCC or any other form of digital control of the trains. Instead, I was thinking about the non-train components of such a diorama. For example, an operating saw mill. Use EZ-B to control servos that spin the saw, move the logs along to saw bead, move people and vehicles around the mill's yard and so on. Things that are not already animated and are therefore not controlled by other controlers.