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Problem With V 2012.01.15.00

Hi Guys, I hoping that someone can help me. I was running ARC Software V 2012.01.03.00
I have no problems connecting to the Bluetooth and loading my project. When I went to version
2021.01.15.00 I can load my project but I cannot connect to the Bluetooth device.
If I load a new blank project or one of the examples, I can connect to the Bluetooth with no problems.
Does anyone else have this problem?


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Hello again, I fond that going back a version (2012.01.03.00) I had no problems. I could load my project and not lose the Bluetooth connection.

DJ, did you know about this problem?

BC *stress*
We have not received any issues with 2012.01.15.00. If you post your EZB file on here, we can take a look to see if it's something we can help you with.
Thanks DJ, I am new at this and could have something wrong with my project.

Might be related to the speaker tone. Try the latest version
Hi DJ,
I loaded the latest version (2012.01.23.00); I still have the same problem. I cannot open a saved file that I started 2 versions ago and connect to my Bluetooth. So I just opened your Omnibot.EZB from the sample file, and I could connect to my Bluetooth with no problem. So I saved it under another name
and then I could open it again and still connect to my Bluetooth with no problems. I have to change everything for my bot. but at least I am up and working on the scripts.