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Bad Bluetooth On The Ez-B Board

Hello everyone, I have a problem the Bluetooth on my EZ-B board. When I tried to modify it for an antenna. To make a long story short I messed it up and now it does not work. Can anyone tell me were I can buy a new Bluetooth for the EZ-B Board.

BC *stress*


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Hi DJ,
Is it possible to buy the bluetooth module from you?
@nicolson of course:) Use the Contact Us page and someone will be able to help you:)
Thank you and congratulations on all the amazing features you keep adding to ARC. ????
Sometimes I feel I am cheating when I show my Robot to my friends, they Think I built it but you are the one really building it.
@nicolson you're welcome:) We build it together! The features are influenced by all of you:D .. I'm merely the programmer - you're the creativity that puts the features to use
You are really modest DJ! Thank you again for all your hard work.