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How Do I Wire The QRD1114 IR Sensor

Hello everyone, This is a great site and the EZ-Robot controller is the best. Thanks DJ for all your hard work.

For my first robot I am doing the Omnibot. Winstn60 helped me with the wiring of the battery, Thanks again Winstn60.

Now I need help with the Floor sensors.

Can someone show me how the QRD1114 IR Detectors for the floor is wired? I could not find it in any of the videos.

Thanks. confused


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Hi BC,

So the nice thing about EZ-B being Arduino form-factor compatible is that most of the Arduino circuits will work with the EZ-B, check out this page and scroll down to find a wiring diagram for the QRD1114 attached to an Arduino which will be the same way it hooks up to the EZ-B.

The clear side is the IR emitting diode, and the black side is the Photo-diode (IR detector) you will just need to provide an ON signal to turn the IR LED on and then you can ReadADC value coming from the Photo-diode on one of your analog lines. I'm pretty sure as long as you have something like the floor close to it, it will give you an value and when the floor disappears the value will go to zero.

Here's a link to the datasheet for the QRD1114.


Thanks Shater. I will give it a try and let you know how I make out. :)