Mini-zip V3 Upgrade.

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I had the following hexapod. It had a dead controller.

User-inserted image

After v3 upgrade. Also found a bad mini servo to and replaced.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

learning actions and frames while, I wait for six to ship.

:) :) :) :)

update: robot chassis is 12 servo hexapod by dagu rs024, poor man's hexapod.
Richard R
Commented September 2014
Could it be a router problem? I had to buy a new router because my old one was causing constant disconnects (resets)....
Nomad 6R
Commented September 2014
jdbay uses eneloops rechargebles.

they are 1.2 volts,maybe its posseble when you count them all together,
you get a little to low.
eneloops are special batt whit very low drain.
Commented September 2014

no voltage regulator, no reset

ez-b v4 info controls input voltage 7.05 volts no reset

over max voltage for servos, interesting.

@Richard R

router is fine. no reset when testing food-botv4 or mini-zip with v3.

Nomad 6R
Commented September 2014
i count 6 eneloops is 7.2 volts.
J.I.R Kintobor
Commented May 2015
i love the little yellow hex bot with the ping sensor for its eyes, it reminds me of the roboquad. i would love to know how to build. its like having a ezb v4 version roboquad :D
Published on Monday, January 6, 2014