Published on November 28 2017

First Look At The Upgraded Model

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It's been a little while since I have posted anything. I have since done a complete remake of my first robot "UBM1" and have created my next version. It is all around better. Bigger motors, stronger chassis and just a better design. Still a ways to go but figured I would share my progress so far.
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June 22 2018
Wow @MikeJ! That's awesome! Great progress- you've totally inspired me to work on my project this weekend! :)
June 22 2018
Thank you! I figured i should post a little demo.
August 25 2018
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First look at the installation of an ultrasonic distance sensor with sweeping motion. With my first bot I couldn’t get this to work but so far I have success this time around. Now I just need to set my motors up for speed control befor he breaks something. Just a little to fast to react correctly.
August 26 2018
Very nice! I am working with my ultrasonic sensor now.. Hope to have something working soon. Amazing work my friend!
August 27 2018
Thanks, nx2overide!
Looking forward to seeing your progress!