Published on April 30 2017

Development Of Autonomous Navigation Robot

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Hello everyone, first of all I want to thank everyone in the community for providing essential information regarding the EZ-Robot. The video below is one of the successful testing of Autonomous Navigation Robot, using the Roli Rover Platform integrating both EZ-Builder Software and Roborealm. This was my Final Year Project and I have just finished demo-ing the project last week. Maybe after the report writing, I will release a tutorial of how I did it? Just to give back to the community. Of course, I am open to suggestions and ideas. But thank you all again.


May 1 2017
@PhG Thanks very much, appreciate it.
@Richard R I did actually seen that video, and it gave me the confidence that it is in fact do-able. Thank you for your contributions. ;);)
May 1 2017

I found your post....:)

Thanks for your offer of help. I will did up my notes on my issues

May 5 2017
Thanks for your offer of help.

I now have the Marker Mode making a pretty accurate map, but am having problems getting the EZB robot to follow the map in the Navigation Mode.

User-inserted image

Which EZBRobot variables are you using in your EZB scripts for motor control?

I have been trying $RR_NV_L_MOTOR and $RR_NV_R_MOTOR without success

Can you share you scripts for the Movement Panel?

May 5 2017
Hi there, basically you have to set up the H-Bridge PWM Movement Panel and write a script for the movement of the robot, called it a AVM Navigator. You wouldn't be needing the $RR_NV_L_MOTOR and $RR_NV_R_MOTOR variables. So it would be something like this,


if($RR_NV_FORWARD) //reading forward button

SetSpeed (96,96) //set speed
Forward() //Forward Movement

elseif ($RV_NV_LEFT)


and so on for other movements..

Basically with the script above you should be able to manually control your robot in Marker Mode and in Navigation by map it will virtually pressed the key for autonomous navigation. Of course, TCP connections have to be enabled to sent the movement signals as well. Hope that helps you.

May 5 2017

Thanks for the quick reply... I'll try this