Published on January 1 0001

Brookstone Rover

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DJ saw the potential of the Brookstone Rover right away. Adding support into his EZ-Builder software greatly enhances this product - from a boring remote control toy, to a full-featured robot!

While the software no longer supports this discontinued product, it is a fun hack!

The discontinued Brookstone Rover was priced at $99 US and was meant to be controlled by your iPhone. The toy includes a camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, but seriously lacks features for the amount of hardware it possesses. That’s when the little light bulb went on in DJ’s head – let’s take control of this thing! So, he hacked the brookstone rover into an amazing little robot.

After a night of hacking to decipher the communication protocol, the Brookstone Rover took its first <strike>rolling</strike> steps under the control of DJ’s Robot Control Software, EZ-Builder. The camera video stream was completed a few hours later, and now the possibilities are vast! Every feature of EZ-Builder is supported in the Brookstone Rover. This includes the Speech Recognition, EZ-Scripting, Joystick, Wiimote, Mobile HTTP Server, Touch Controls, and so many more! This is a fantastic platform for DJ’s EZ-Robot Kit!


Parts Used:
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit
1 x Brookstone Rover

Masking Tape!