Asked October 3 2013

Community Question

Josh, is it really nessessary for you to post on every unresolved thread? It's kinda anoying and is flooding the forum and my email. It's also making it hard to see liget posts and pushing others back. I know your trying to "Clean up the queue" but is that really going to happen? I think most people dont really dont care and and wont bother to go back and make the change. After time wout they just fall off the back of the queue anyway?

Rsprectfully, Dave
October 4 2013
I have held back from policing/nagging in the questions for a while but totally agree with getting them signed off as done for the same reasons mentioned above. It is frustrating not knowing if an answer has actually solved a question, if it helped or if more help is needed (especially as many of the answers I give are based on theoretical assumptions rather than practical experience so I'm never 100% confident that it will work despite the track record), plus the marking of them as answered is a nice thank you for the help.

The solution Alan has mentioned is great, although it's no substitute for those asking the questions marking them as complete or asking follow up questions if the suggestions didn't work.

But if nothing else, it's pushed my "answered xx questions" to triple figures:)
October 4 2013
@jstarne1 - great effort on getting posts closed, thanks !
October 4 2013
If anyone feels that they didnt receive proper credit for answering some of the threads in question let me know.. I went through and closed them all and did my best to give the proper credit.

That is unless your're Niek. ha ha ha..
October 4 2013
Thanks Mark. I was wondering why I suddenly got a bunch of closure notifications all at once on threads that the original poster had seemed to have disappeared.

October 5 2013
OK, this makes total sense now. Thanks everyone for being so concerned in helping all those of us needing help and keeping things tidy around here.