Asked December 6 2013

Community Question

Has any thing changed that might effect navigation on Community or EZ Robot?
I found on my 8.1 windows makes me choose below the windows icon, unless the EZ message shows, no navigation?
It started when the "ask us" help message appeared on EZ Robot?
Steve S
December 6 2013
Thank You Rich,
I am glad some else noticed it also.
You r a great response on EZ Robot!
Thank You,
Steve S
December 6 2013
This is why I never upgrade windows unless I have too... XP is my favourite version... Sorry to see support ending for it soon...
December 6 2013
It's not an OS issue, it happens in XP too, it's more than likely a cross browser issue (or it might even happen in all browsers, certainly it happens in Firefox and Chrome)
December 6 2013
Exactly the same issue when using Safari also.
December 7 2013
The webpage issue has been resolved.