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DJ I'm sure you're tired of hearing the same questions over and over, so I will appeal to other builders here. Could someone be kind enough to make a wiring diagram that clearly (for us thick skulled ones)shows the hook up from the motor controller to the EZ-B board. In the video that DJ made (God luv his patience) I see he use 4 servo wire sets. I got the following:

Servo wire set #1 - white goes to AIN2 / Red goes to VCC / Black goes to Ground 3rd from top on output side.

Servo wire set #2 - white goes to AIN2 / Red goes to STBY / Black goes to ground bottom on input side.

Servo wire set #3 - White goes to BIN2 / Red goes to PWMB / Black goes to

This is where I lost it.
Servo wire set #4 - (need some one to finish this one)

I had also saw in another post where it was stated that the motor +5 vdc (which would actually be 7.4 vdc from the battery) needs to be connected directly to the main battery. Have I got any of this right thus far????? Then all 4 servo plugs go to 4 seperate digital port(s).

Thanks in advance.
Commented November 2011
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DJ Sures
Commented November 2011
*I moved your post into your thread that you had already started

That image schetch is wrong. Please no one use that. Instead, use this:

User-inserted image

Again, follow the instructions from this post

The instructions are...

You will need 4 Servo Cables

VM: Connect this directly to the Positive terminal of your battery

Servo Cable 1
AIN1: White
VCC: Red (+5)
GND: Black (gnd)

Servo Cable 2
AIN2: White
PWMA: Red (+5)
GND: Black (gnd)

Servo Cable 3
BIN1: White
STBY: Red (+5)
GND: Black (gnd)

Servo Cable 4
BIN2: White
PWMB: Red (+5)
*You do not neet to connect the 4th servo wire GND to anything because there are only 3 gnds on the motor controller board. Just snip the wire.
DJ Sures
Commented November 2011
Updated the above post with more detail
Commented November 2011
DJ said: "The new motor controller should be here in about 4-5 days."

Goodie, goodie goodie! :D
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If I had paid attention to the catagories I would have realized that you had already answered my questions. Thank you so much DJ. I've not really had any experience using forums before. Since I've been slapped upside my noggin, I'm finding that information comes much easier! I may be slow; but I'm learning!
Asked on Monday, November 7, 2011