Asked December 19 2011

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Anyone have an issue with the rubber tires on their omnibot falling apart? What did you/can you do to fix or replace the rubber?
February 24 2012
If anyone of you ever finds a working solution on the rubber threads, pls post a photo here! Also, and this is off-topic, if someone ever gets to mold/copy Omnibot 2000 arm gears - would be great to know how.
February 24 2012
Rubber compound.used.for.casting , , you can slice.a.tread out flat , make a.mold then cast rubber compound in the mold. Remove the New tire tread and glue seam with a few.drops of rubber cement.:) brand New tires.
November 23 2012
Hey guys, I know it's a bit of an old post now, but I've been experimenting at making moulds and casting the old tires and it works great.

User-inserted image
If anybody needs any replacements, let me know as I'd be happy to make some for people.
November 23 2012
PS I have moulds for Omnibot and Omnibot 2000 tires. Also, I have a Robbie Junior bot, so if anybody wants them, I could cast those tires too:)
November 23 2012

I could use a set for one of my Omnibot's.

Can you drop me an E-mail? lumpy692002 @

Let me know how much $$$$