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Hi , I have been shopping for sensors and reading about 2d mapping using.radar.extra.and I also read on some random sites that a good electronic compass is a good addition to get your robot correct orientation if it deviated from a original path avoiding a object or if the little guy.just.just drive perfectly straight. are these compass modules your.robot which.direction to.go.or slightly correct.itself? I apologize for all the random periods because I just bought a new Samsung galaxy note and IM still getting use to it. The auto correct is changing words to what it thinks I should have said I guess lol
Commented August 2012
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This one is under 20 dollars and has self calibration, user defined zero.position. look at this and if ezb can read the signal in a useful way?
Commented September 2012
its on backorder,and i may not get before i leave on a 3 week vacation trip leaving in 2 weeks
Commented September 2012
Finally got my compass sort of working, well it doesn't give of it's standard direction of 45 degrees it used to give of.
It actually changes, its giving of the actual direction its facing, but it only works for a very short time. After that it sort of crashes EZ-builder... It stays stuck in "connected" while the LED on the EZ-b is pulsating, like it's not connected.
So I think it's browning out my EZ-b... I'll try powering it from an alternative powersource.

I'm using 2k resistors. And made a board for it.
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Commented November 2013
Hi all, does anyone have a update to this thread? I have my sure electronics compass working, but it is less then I hoped it would be. North never seems to be quite right and west and east will sometimes switch. I'm guessing interference is the problem, but I have also read in other post that I can try either a pull up resistor to ground or +5 volts. My robot is fairly compacts so I'm hoping to find something that will be a little less sensitive to the interference and have better accuracy.
@Robotmaker did you have any luck with your test on the other 3 compass modules?
Commented November 2013
Try the pull-up resistors, I've read in other topics that some sensors which were not working at all start working when pull-ups are installed.

Compass modules will be susceptible to interference so relocating it may be an idea.

@RobotMaker no longer frequents the forum. @MovieMaker and a few others are in contact with him still I believe, perhaps they could ask?
Commented November 2013
Thanks for the update Rich, I will give the resistors a shot. I've been out of the scene for over a year as well. The new V4 board and EZ-bit robots got my attention back though. My little guy is starting to get interested in robots too so that helps :)
Asked on Thursday, August 30, 2012