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I have a 6 volt lead acid that under cyclic use says it charges up to 7.4 volts. Baseline its a 6 volt battery , I was going to run most my servos and ezb off this. And a seperate 12 volt my computer runs on. Does this sound correct. ? I was trying to search to forum and not much populated.Thanks
Commented July 2012
Gotcha , its the super hoss , 3 times the capacity of the ub645 . I picked it up from Brett. I think the previous doubts passed on to me were from brown out situations from the AA battery pack.

@DJ Speaking of - I planned on running the ez robot board + ez robot futuba servos from this same 6 volt battery my only concern is the battery is at 7 volts fully charged. Is this acceptable for these servos dj? Thanks for replying - josh
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Commented July 2012
@Josh - I believe those servos can operate on 7.4V as well. If you are worried you can always use one of your voltage regulators to ensure 6V max.
DJ Sures
Commented July 2012
You can read about the supporting voltages for your version in the ez-b manual:

All pins output 5 volts - and supports up to 5 amps (fused)

You'd have to check the datasheet for your servos to see how many volts they support. Some do 6 volts, most are 5 - others can do 7... It varies :D
Commented July 2012
I tried running the EZ-B off an 11.1 volt lipo with 2.2 amps to run 6 servos (2 arms that were under load) and it wasn't long before the heat sinks started getting hot. I stopped after a few minutes because I dont have a fan on them. I'm coming to the conclution that if you have some power hungry servos - as bret indicated - power them directly from the battery via a regulator.
Commented July 2012
Update - added a 12 volt pc fan that runs straight off the 11.1 volt lipo and blows down across the ez-b and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. No heating problems, no brownouts and Bob hasn't gone into the body shakes. I had no idea a fan would make such a difference.
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Published Tuesday, July 3, 2012