Asked October 25 2012

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So this will be my 3rd robot entry. While I am still working on B9, I have some down time and a new EZ-Kit on the way, so I decided to start my next project. A little different from both of my two previous bots, in this one I am combining a Robosapien and a RAD to make RoboRAD.
User-inserted image
I removed his legs and just set him in the RAD base for this pic, but it gives you the idea. After creating two bots wherein I had to build everything (arms, claws, etc.) I wanted to try out the EZ-B with one of the supported platforms - less building and more programming. I do want to make RoboRAD a cool bot - new paint, new functionality, cool devices. But I think this will be a fun platform to start with. I will keep you posted as I proceed. I think my next step is to remove the RAD labels and run it through the dishwasher. Then I guess I am going to lose the cupholder (like Josh did on one of his MechWarrior bots). More later.
October 31 2012
Dude! You rock! I will get yours together tonight and let you know what is coming! It will soon be time to start working on Gunslinger Bob Mua Ha Ha
October 31 2012
RoboRAD project list:
MP3 with lots of music and nice speakers
EL wire neon lighting
Plasma Ball brain
Camera head on pan/tilt mount
Mechanised tow hook so he can tow a cooler/trailer around

and open to other ideas for cool functions!
October 31 2012
Towing a cooler? Hhhmmmm
November 2 2012
Hey Bret...Glad you got the kit safe and sound. I can't wait to see how your project come along. Im so eager to finish my project, only im so busy with work and I can't keep up with EZ-Builder updates...haha!

Good Robot Building!
January 27 2013
BRET i bought another robosapien (yep another robot to my growing list)
this one is very cool
its a rare blue robosapien V2 ,going to look very cool on a RED RAD frame

User-inserted image
hope to get him in less then a week

I MAY make 2 roborad using robosapien V2 ,one called ROBORAD V2 and the other ROBORAD V3