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Roborad - My Next Bot

So this will be my 3rd robot entry. While I am still working on B9, I have some down time and a new EZ-Kit on the way, so I decided to start my next project. A little different from both of my two previous bots, in this one I am combining a Robosapien and a RAD to make RoboRAD. User-inserted image I removed his legs and just set him in the RAD base for this pic, but it gives you the idea. After creating two bots wherein I had to build everything (arms, claws, etc.) I wanted to try out the EZ-B with one of the supported platforms - less building and more programming. I do want to make RoboRAD a cool bot - new paint, new functionality, cool devices. But I think this will be a fun platform to start with. I will keep you posted as I proceed. I think my next step is to remove the RAD labels and run it through the dishwasher. Then I guess I am going to lose the cupholder (like Josh did on one of his MechWarrior bots). More later.

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Pew pew pew..... pew pew. , and thats how Roborad saved a- Merica


Well, no love for RoboRAD this weekend. Between a hurricane and finishing up B9 there is just no time. But soon..........


Oooh, RoboRAD got a goodie box today! Less than a week since I ordered it from A Pro Hobbies. Thanks Guys! User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Yay! Thats awesome man! Im tempted to get my little brother his own kit


Should be prepped up for the storn and radb9 is almost together . Im excited to see what you can do. I know sam was using a wowwee robosapien as well but I have not seen it move yet.


Yeah, I'm anxious to see Sam's progress as well. Have not heard from her in a while.


I got the legs removed from Robosapien...he looks kind of sad. I think I am going to use the same 12V battery I used in B9 - it works great in these RAD bases and should give me plenty of power for some of the stuff I want RoboRAD to do.;)


If you want to work out a trade or somthing you know I have another identical battery:)

#12 likey that idea. Got something in mind? Text me...


Most Epic Goody Box EVAR!

2 x Defender Automatic Airsoft guns 12V 7ah YUSA New batt w XT60 gold connector kit Roll of sound deadening matt , yes thats right a roll! 4 extra long servo ext cable 6 12 inch long servo cables Modified dart blaster case Ezb cooling kit, 40mm fan Velcro EZ cam mount Woohoo


Dude! You rock! I will get yours together tonight and let you know what is coming! It will soon be time to start working on Gunslinger Bob Mua Ha Ha


RoboRAD project list: MP3 with lots of music and nice speakers EL wire neon lighting Plasma Ball brain Camera head on pan/tilt mount Mechanised tow hook so he can tow a cooler/trailer around

and open to other ideas for cool functions!


Hey Bret...Glad you got the kit safe and sound. I can't wait to see how your project come along. Im so eager to finish my project, only im so busy with work and I can't keep up with ARC updates...haha!

Good Robot Building!


BRET i bought another robosapien (yep another robot to my growing list) this one is very cool its a rare blue robosapien V2 ,going to look very cool on a RED RAD frame

User-inserted image hope to get him in less then a week

I MAY make 2 roborad using robosapien V2 ,one called ROBORAD V2 and the other ROBORAD V3