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I'm running RoboScratch on my iPad and have a couple of basic questions.

1. How do I delete a step once I have created it? I don't want to clear all the steps and start over.

2. How do I move steps around? Drag and drop doesn't work
DJ Sures
Commented September 2016
Like all operating systems, click (touch) the title bar and drag the control around the screen. To delete the control, drag on the trash bin.

There is a tutorial in the learn section under activities.
Commented September 2016
Hi JD,
Thanks for the quick reply. I was touching the actual step box, not the title bar... :)

The tutorial you mentioned focused on the Windows based tool and I had no issues with that.

One quick one, if I may, is that an easy way to slow down JD's motions as he tends to frighten grandchildren

Asked on Thursday, September 22, 2016