Asked December 4 2015

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Quick question.

As the title suggests, what is the maximum project file size that can be saved to the Cloud?

I ask, as I tried to save a project to the Cloud earlier, got the warning that the project is large (reason being I have quite a few sound files) and it says that it is saved, but the project doesn't show up when I look for it. Not overly worried as I can always remove some of the sound files... more curious and could be useful to know in case anyone else asks.
December 5 2015
Steve, this may be a dumb question but why are you saving sound files to the cloud? Can't you keep them on your computer in a different folder? Does this have something to do with the mobile app (which I've never used or tried)?
December 5 2015

The soundboard EZ-B control embeds the sounds into the control. You can delete the original MP3s and as long as you don't accidentally delete the soundboard control the sound will still be part of the project.

December 5 2015
Hey Dave.

What Alan said, lol.:)

Also, it's a lot easier to update the project with anything heavy like sound files on my laptop, then get it from the cloud to my tablet PC.
DJ Sures
December 5 2015
Steve just likes to use up our storage server:D
December 5 2015
Lol, who, me? Never.:P