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If anyone is interested, Brookstone has the Revolution Six on sale for $199.00.
I just purchased one, and can't wait to get my hands on it. :)
Commented December 2015
I added this coupon code got 1 for 149.00... CMBROOK
Dave Schulpius
Commented December 2015
Wow, That's an unbelievable price. I don't have any interest in a SIX at this time but I may want one when I finish my present robot build (if ever). I couldn't resist this opportunity and ordered one now. I'll call it an early Christmas present to myself. With tax and shipping to Wisconsin, USA my final price is 170.00 USD! Throgh EZ Robot's store it would have been 435.00 USD. Do the math! :D
Commented December 2015
Promo code 25DEAL also works until end of day tomorrow. $149 plus shipping. Irresistible even though I don't really need a Six. At worst I have spare parts. My wife may be more impressed with it than she is with Roli (personally, I like practical robots, like Roli with extended arms so it can actually pick things up off the ground, but Six is so cool....).

Richard R
Commented December 2015
LOL... I paid $35 shipping and $134 just in duties/excise taxes on my last order from the store here... Total before taxes was around $530 or so... You Yanks got it good... :)
Commented December 2015
Keep in mind that a Six can easily be made into a Galapagos Bot. Much cheaper than buying a Galapagos Bot as such at the moment.

Speaking of the G-Bot, anyone know where I can find that video on it on Youtube? I can't seem to locate it. The video shows the Galapagos Bot doing some great moves in nice, fluid motions.
Asked on Friday, December 4, 2015